Animators are a varied bunch, and with Halloween upon us we thought this would be the perfect time to share some animated shorts that illuminate the more dark and twisted sides of animators imaginations! Proceed if you dare!

Content Warning: These films contains animated depictions of  Excessive or Gratuitous Violence, Blood, Death or dying, Abuse and Suicide that we would not recommend for younger audiences, some might find these films disturbing so watch with caution.


by Ana Stefaniak

Gothic-tinged animation, presenting the final day of a fox, who is being sentenced to death for murdering his rabbit lover. He accepts his fate and without objection takes part in the hanging ritual, during which the details of the crimes are revealed.



Watch here.


13 Cantos of Hell

by Peter King

Go to Hell! This progressive silhouette animation inspired by Dante’s Inferno will take you there. The film was made with a grant from the BFI’s Experimental Film Fund, with King also contributing the musique concrète soundtrack. 



Watch here.


The Waldgeist & Me

by Joe Bichard

A dark tale of love & dismemberment. “The animation takes some pretty dark subject matter and wraps it in a colourful, playful aesthetic – all finished off with a dash of black humour.” ()



Watch here.



by Tom Brown and Daniel Gray

This is the story of a man with a misguided and intense focus – one which started in his youth and carried on to old age. His life events are chronicled through the loss of his teeth – and how his obsessive efforts to amend what was damaged bring on yet further destruction.



Watch here.



by Tom Judd

Bruce is an award winning animation that explores how advances in open-source synthetic biology allow a young man to grow his very own action hero.



Watch here.


Which one is your favourite? Are there any British dark animated shorts that are not on our list that you think are great? Let us know at @Anim18UK #Anim18