Two programmes of Scottish animation selected for Glasgow Short Film Festival by animator Ross Hogg

When we think of Scottish animation, the first name that springs to mind is Norman McLaren – who made most of his work in Canada. But Scotland has been home to a fascinating and exciting range of animators, from the playful experimentation of Margaret Tait to the emotion and comedy of BAFTA winners Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson. The poignancy and humour possible within narrative film-making, and the innovation of abstract animation, are showcased and celebrated across two programmes, available for bookings in November/December 2018.


Scottish Animation: Stories Brought to Life (78 mins, N/C 12+)

This programme offers a showcase of films in which story is king. Foregrounding early works by the likes of Neil Jack, Lizzy Hobbs and BAFTA winners Ainslie Henderson and Will Anderson, the characters and themes on show will entertain and provoke an emotive reaction from any audience. The selection demonstrates a broad range of animation techniques, with several works exploring self-reflexivity in their approach to storytelling.

Also featuring works by Donald Holwill, Cat Bruce, Jim Le Fevre and Swatpaz (Davey Ferguson).


Scottish Animation: Abstraction & Experimentation (72 mins, N/C 12+)

This programme boasts a selection of innovative short films which play with the form and structure of film-making. Story is no longer the driving force. Instead, we are treated to a series of visual delights where subtlety can be just as effective as the lushest of imagery. With the focus shifted to the more visceral aspects of film-making – movement, timing, colour and sound – we are able to observe how some of the filmmakers included in the ‘Stories Brought to Life’ programme handle a more oblique and abstract approach to animation.

Featuring works by Margaret Tait, Donald Holwill, Robert Duncan and Lesley Keen.

Each programme is available in November and December to theatrical venues on DCP (flat fee of £75 + VAT) or to community venues and film societies on digital file (£50 + VAT). To book programmes or for more information please contact