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Get creative with these animation activity packs. Suitable for use in venues, in clubs or groups, or at home.


A quick guide to British animation with activities to try


Decorate a frame (or 42!) and take part in our animation collaboration


A trail to print out, put up, then solve the puzzle using our app!


Hosting your own Anim18 event? Artwork, templates and toolkits at your disposal...


Backgrounds, borders and templates for creating your own posters, resources or works of art


Choose from a range of colours and styles of Aniim18 logos PLUS logos and  lockups from our partners


Are you a Troublesome Tyke or a Hero Next Door? Anim18 badges for all kinds of characters!


Share the Anim18 trailer before a screening or event (English/Welsh)


Surveys, POS displays and toolkits for feedback on your events


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Websites //

Handy resources, activities, news and other animation-related goodness


Free resources for young people, with activities to use in classrooms or clubs. Includes PowerPoint presentations with embedded clips.


The BFI’s brand new online animation archive. Explore a wealth of treasures for free. An animated portrait of a nation, brought to life frame by painstaking frame.


The longest running UK based animation magazine & community brings you up-to-date news, interviews, reviews, podcasts, videos and tutorials.

books //

In our quest to celebrate the past, present, and future of British Animation we've been enjoying a number of books - and you might too!

British Animation: The Channel 4 Factor

In the 1980s and 1990s, Channel 4 flourished as a world champion of televised animation. In this fascinating book, Clare Kitson (winner of three Academy Awards for animation) celebrates a groundbreaking era.

Cartoons: One Hundred Years of Cinema Animation

“This encyclopedic survey of commercial and fine art animation is well illustrated and international in scope; few new books on animation contain as much material as this important volume.”

A Mirror for England: British Movies from Austerity to Affluence

Books on the history of British cinema often overlook animation. Raymond Durgnat’s seminal 1970 volume A Mirror for England: British Movies from Austerity to Affluence is a key exception; after briefly touching upon Animal Farm and namechecking Dustbin Parade and Richard Williams during the course of the book he dedicates his final sub-chapter to the subject of animation in Britain.”

Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life

Anecdotal, insightful and honest, An Animated Life features hundreds of photos from Ray’s personal archive. It explains the basics of special effects and stop-motion animation, what it was like to work with actors including Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith and Lionel Jeffries, and how his creations were ultimately the real stars of the movies.

They Thought It Was a Marvel

“The authors succeeded in penning a volume of over five hundred pages on a man whose combined extant filmography clocks in at under half an hour. This is a testament both to the scholarship of de Vries and Mull and to the genius of Melbourne-Cooper, whose films are still able to charm and fascinate today.”

Animation Websites

Want to learn more about animation, from techniques to interviews with animators and much more! Feel free to explore our curated list of online resources, all of whom have the Anim18 stamp of approval!

Skwigly Spotlight: The Skwigly Animation Podcast Series

Click the following headings to be taken to the Skwigly site to access the podcasts: Podcast Episodes 1 to 6 Including interviews with Peter Lord, Barry Purves, Fraser MacLean & Colin Harding, David Sproxton, Paul Bush, Kieran Argo & A Productions to name a...

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Skwigly Spotlight: Intimate Animation Podcast Series

Join Skwigly’s Ben and Laura-Beth as they explore, discuss and interview the talents behind animation that deals with themes of love, relationships and sexuality. Intimate Animation #1 – Michaela Pavlátová Intimate Animation #2 – Anna Ginsburg Intimate Animation #3 –...

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Opportunities to Learn Animation

Whether you are looking into learning animation as a hobby, to develop skills you already have or as a career, The Anim18 curated list of opportunities to learn animation should help you on your way.   Art Quest: The Artquest programme at University of the Arts London...

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Animation Archive Collections

Although the Anim18 Timeline of British Animation is a great place to start to learn about what was happening throughout the decades, there is always more to learn. If you care to see the history of British Animation for yourself,then the following archive collections...

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Upcoming Events

all-day VR Gallery @ Derby QUAD
VR Gallery @ Derby QUAD
Nov 10 2018 – Jan 31 2019 all-day
Experience British animation as you’ve never done before! A bespoke interactive gallery created in partnership with Derby QUAD and V21 Artspace. Visit for free in the QUAD Participation Area.