If you want to learn more about Animation from Animators themselves, as well as those who work more widely within the film industry around animation then the following sites should have something for you!

Animators Resources:

The goal of AnimatorsResource has always been to serve the animation community by providing quality information to guide the lost, encourage the disheartened, stir up the apathetic, and challenge the confident. In doing so, it would also inspire animators of all levels to keep pushing themselves to achieve what they thought wasn’t possible.


Animate Projects Archive:

Animate Projects is an internationally renowned strategic agency working out of Derby and London that supports and champions creative animation practice. Here you can find a comprehensive list of interviews that we have carried out with exhibited animators.



Click on the above link to find hours worth of podcasts on every topic you can think of that is related to Animation, from big budget features to Independent shorts, they are all represented here.

Moreover, if after reading/listening to all of these interviews/Podcasts you realise you want to study Animation in more depth, then Click here to see a list of university level course available!