Various/2012/74 mins/U/Dir. Various

Nine award-winning short films from the British Animation Awards, specially selected for 8-12s. An amazing variety of animation techniques from filmmakers around Europe, exploring stories and themes full of creativity and humour.


Office Noise

Mads Johansen, Torben Søttrup, Karsten Madsen, Lærke Enemark / Denmark / 2009 / 4 min

The last thing a busy chicken needs at work is an accident-prone elephant at the next desk.

Between Two Crumbs

Sylvain Ollier / France / 2005 / 5 min

Watch out, tiny dust mites! Your adventure to find food might get you squished!

What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks

Sarah Wickens / UK / 2009 / 4’30 min

Sunlight through a window is transformed into cheeky shapes and characters, creating havoc in the tidy room.

Akbar’s Cheetah

Iain Gardner / UK / 1999 / 6 min

The magical tale of a beautiful cheetah who did not want to be the Emperor’s pet all the time.

Nicolas and Guillemette

Virginie Taravel / France / 2008 / 9’30 min

One night in a shop full of Scooby strings, a little musician character comes to life; can he make himself a friend without getting a bit tangled up?


Camillelvis Thery / France / 2008 / 9 min

On a hot, sunny day on an island of ice, the polar bear and Inuk man peer together into the deep dark sea.

Rabbit Rabbit

Daniel Greaves / UK / 2006 / 2 min

With a jump and a hop and a leap, two rabbits become four and then eight and then more!


Angela Steffen / Germany / 2009 / 6 min

A little girl finds beauty in a leaf but her father sees only decay. Can they find a way to be together?


Daniel Greaves / UK / 1997 / 28 min

For a man and his pet cat and fish, their boring if ordinary life explodes into the anarchy of competing TV channels and characters; he who holds the remote control rules!



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