As you can imagine there so many animation techniques that have been developed over the years to allow animators to bring their animations to life. On this page you will find just a hand full of website that you may find helpful in order not only to learn more about these techniques, but also to try them for yourself.

Animator Magazine Blog:

As the name suggest this websites hosts comprises of magazine articles originally published in Animator’s Newsletter,  shortened to ‘Animator’ from issue 9, between 1982 and 1995. However in addition to this it also shares a number of interesting articles sharing information about animations techniques as well as providing reviews of a number of animation: How-to books.



Not only does IntoFilm provide free to use educational videos and tutorials, they also run a number of in person education evenet for children aged between 5 and 19 years of age!


Teach Thought:

Finally this website aimed at teachers provides links to fifty educational tools that can be implemented to both teach and learn a wide variety of animation techniques, with a particular focus on digital learners.