Although the Anim18 Timeline of British Animation is a great place to start to learn about what was happening throughout the decades, there is always more to learn. If you care to see the history of British Animation for yourself,then the following archive collections are a great place to start!


Anime Projects Archive:

The Animate Collection is an internationally renowned digital archive of films, video interviews, documentation, tests, essays and interviews. It includes works by many key figures in contemporary British animation, visual and new media artists, including the films produced for the Arts Council England/Channel 4 Animate scheme (1990-2009).



Here is Toonhound’s guide to British animated features of the past and present. The index includes straight-to-video productions and tv specials alongside theatrical titles. For the purposes of this index, a “feature” is defined as being any animated film with a running time of 40 minutes or beyond. Titles lead to film synopses, information, credits and site reviews.

Moreover, Click here to access information of the plethora of British animated shorts, specials, and filmed series, that have been made in the UK, and received with international acclaim.


UK Animation – The Lost Continent Blog:

This hobbyist blog focusing mainly on bodies of work that lack coverage elsewhere online, while also directing readers to key points of interest – sites, books, anything – that’ll help give anyone who’s interested a better look at the history of animation in the UK.


Animator Magazine Archive:

Animator magazine was published between 1982 and 1995. Here are all 33 issues. We are sure that animation enthusiasts will find inspiration among the pages of Animator magazine, particularly if they are making their own films. Those who are studying the history of animation will be able to mine a rich vein of information from the pages of Animator.


British Pathe Cartoons/Animation Archive:

British Pathe provides access to a wide variety of animations that exemplify the breadth of styles that have were experimented with during the early years of the artform.