By Kirsty Prescott


Chose The Right Company

British animation is a brilliant way to bring people together. Grab your friends, family or finally give yourself the break you deserve at your local cinema.



Dress To Impress

Attending the cinema is an event. Set a dress code for you and your friends and family; dress as your favourite character and help us celebrate British animation beyond the screen. Why not wear yellow to a screening of Yellow Submarine or soften the emotional blow of Watership Down by dressing as a bunny.



Snap That Selfie

Who doesn’t love a selfie? Recreate the movie’s poster for a fun, interesting picture, that will liven up any social media account. Can you look as cool as Chuck Steel?



Snack Time

We are all love the snacks that you get at the cinema, so step up that snack game by keeping it in theme with the movie. James and the Giant Peach wouldn’t be complete without fizzy peach sweets.



Knowledge Is Power

Brush up on your film trivia. Time to wow your date with your wisdom.  Did you know the first animated British film was Dolly’s Toys from 1901? Learning about the social change in the 20th century brings a whole new dimension to Ethel and Ernest.



Keep The Magic Alive

The fun doesn’t stop when the movie does. Host a themed event; what could be more fitting than a painting party after Loving Vincent or try your hand at making your own stop motion animation.



Kirsty Prescott

Kirsty Prescott is a Young Film Programmer at Storyhouse. She helped programme the season Studies of the Heart and is currently working on her next season for summer release. Kirsty also holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the Youth Forum at Storyhouse, where she helps young people have their voices heard. When she isn’t lost in a movie, she enjoys chilling with her friends, being creative and burgling turts. She has a deep passion for animation and is excited about being a Anim18 young ambassador.

“I love British animation because it transports me to a new world full of things I’ve never seen before. I get to see someone’s imagination come to life on screen. Animation goes from being a blank canvas to an amazing visual masterpiece through local artistic talent and I think that’s just mesmerising and inspirational!”