Julius Pinschewer's King Coal

 The film ‘King Coal’ directed by Julius Pinschewer is produced. This is a recruitment and propaganda film for the National Coal Board.


G.B. Animation Formed

G.B. Animation (company) is formed by J Arthur Rank to try and rival Disney’s success. The company produced the ‘Animaland’ and ‘Musical Paintbox’ series and the film ‘Longitude and Latitude’. The company closed in 1950 due to lack of commercial success.


Handling Ships

Handling Ships’ is the first feature film to be produced from Halas and Batchelor and is the first ever British animated feature film.


Halas and Batchelor Formed

Halas and Batchelor was established by Joy Batchelor and John Halas. Halas and Batchelor became one of the most successful and leading British and European animation companies of all time. The company was formed to produce propaganda and war information films along with commercials. As in the First World War, the animation industry was inadvertently boosted by a new conflict. But this time the growth was consolidated in the post-war period thanks to new sponsorship opportunities.